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Memorial For Ill. David Eschrich, 33°

February 12, 2016

On January 25, 2016 the Tampa Scottish Rite conducted a Scottish Rite Memorial Service for Ill. And MW David Eschrich, 33°. It was an impressive and moving ceremony that was conducted with dignity and solemnity. The following members of the Tampa Scottish Rite participated in the ceremony:

Speakers: Ill. John Drewett, 33°, Ill. Louis King, 33°, Ill. Rick Hoover, 33°, Ill. Louis Ortt, 33° and Ill. Patrick Palmer, 33°.

Scottish Rite Guard: Henry Echezabal, 32°, Rodney Kohler, 32°, Ken Warner, 32° KCCH, Sam Pesola, 32°, Charles Walter, 32°, Leonard Smith, 32° KCCH and Ken Balsley, 33°.

Knights of Saint Andrew: Chuck Osborne, 32°. William Sundquist, 32° and Robert Phillips, 32°.

Bagpiper: Rob St. John, 32°.

Soloist: Brian Campbell, 32° KCCH.

Organist: Robert Davidson, 32° KCCH

Paraphernalia: Lynn Raposa, 32° KCCH.

Even our SGIG, Ill. Dale I. Goehrig, 33° took part in the ceremony by presenting the widow with a rose to close the Memorial Service.

            Photographs by Brother Nick Paull, 32° KCCH

The Scottish Rite Memorial for
Ill. David Eschrich, 33°
Tampa, Florida Scottish Rite Masonic Center
January 25, 2016

The Guard looking stately and tall
Marched solemnly into the hall
And a silence of respect fell over the place
They bore the flag and the banner
In a dignified and majestic manner
They were the epitome of style and grace

Then the mourners’ one by one
Entered to the beat of a drum
Splendid in tuxedo with gloves of white
And at a precisely measured pace
They reached their assigned place
It was a most solemn and inspiring sight

Then with a most impressive flair
They comforted the family there
With words that eased their grief and tears
Uplifting prayers of submission
Enabled them in their mission
To honor a friend and brother of many years

The bagpiper played a mournful song
And the soloist melodiously strong
Sang a stirring rendition of the Lord’s Prayer
And the audience was duly impressed
And their hearts were richly blessed
With the sympathy and caring that was there

Then the speakers in unison arose
Went to the altar and left a rose
As a symbol of love for a remembered friend
Their duties now were complete
And the memories rich and sweet
Caused grieving hearts to heal and to mend.

So, David Eschrich was remembered
And for those who were assembled
The night seemed to rapidly and fleetingly pass
And the ceremony ended that night
At the venerated Tampa Scottish Rite
With dignity, solemnity and a touch of class

Patrick C. Palmer

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