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Team 24 from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada visits the Panama City Valley.

March 17, 2016
       It all started when our Brothers Ill. Dean Resch and Mark Krautheim met a couple of Canadian Brothers on a cruise they were on together.  It culminated when “Team 24” from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada demonstrated their 24th Degree during our 138th Reunion on March 11th and 12th.  Things finally came together and with permission of our Sovereign Grand Inspector General the plan was set. 

Eleven of our Canadian Brothers made the trip south to Panama City and attended both days of our Spring Reunion.  On Saturday during lunch “Team 24” called up Ill. Resch, our Personal Representative, General Secretary, Master of Kadosh and eight members of our Knights of Saint Andrew and made them honorary members of “Team 24” and presented them with lapel pins and baseball caps.  In a special presentation our Valley was also given a Canadian flag.  In return the Valley of Panama City presented “Team 24” a 33rd Degree cap to be displayed in the Valley of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

After lunch and our portrayal of the 21st Degree the lodge room was set up and the 24th Degree was demonstrated beautifully and with great drama.  Portraying King Solomon was none other than the Deputy of the Supreme Council for Saskatchewan, Ill. William C. Fitzsimmons.  The team was assisted by eight members or our Knights of Saint Andrew who filled in non-speaking parts.

It was a wonderful Reunion with our Canadian visitors and a large turnout of our own members totaling approximately 95 in attendance.  We were also thrilled to have some members back in the Valley who had been unable to attend in some time due to illnesses which made it really like a Reunion.

Panama City.JPG

The picture above shows on the front row Panama City members who participated in non speaking roles and back row is “Team 24” from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada
Submitted by Ill. Sam Fischer, 33°

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