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Valley of Miami Centennial Celebration

December 15, 2019

A truly magnificent night of history, camaraderie, and fellowship occurred on October 26, 2019 as the Valley of Miami in the Orient of Florida celebrated its 100th Anniversary. The valley began when all four coordinate bodies of the Scottish Rite were in place in October of 1919. This was when the young city of Miami was on the cusp of its great century of growth emerging as a world class metropolis from what had been nothing more than a fishing village 30 years prior. The establishment of an additional branch of freemasonry sat poised to grow along with the city.

The evening began with a meet and greet of the 300 plus attendees with several distinguished masonic guests including Ill. James D. Cole, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander, Ill. Richard G. Hoover, 33°, Deputy in Florida and Most Worshipful John W. Westerman III, Grand Master of Masons in Florida. Next a special Masonic Music performance was given by Orchestra Miami in the grand auditorium of the valley’s building. The works included everything from Mozart to Ragtime to patriotic songs of the United States. This was followed by a lavish banquet that included a historical talk on the valley and comments from the special guests.

The event was enjoyed by all and favorable comments are still coming in to the valley’s leadership as the four coordinate bodies embark on their second century of service to the Miami community.

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