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Memorial For Ill. David Eschrich, 33°

February 12, 2016

On January 25, 2016 the Tampa Scottish Rite conducted a Scottish Rite Memorial Service for Ill. And MW David Eschrich, 33°. It was an impressive and moving ceremony that was conducted with dignity and solemnity. The following members of the Tampa Scottish Rite participated in the ceremony:

Speakers: Ill. John Drewett, 33°, Ill. Louis King, 33°, Ill. Rick Hoover, 33°, Ill. Louis Ortt, 33° and Ill. Patrick Palmer, 33°.

Scottish Rite Guard: Henry Echezabal, 32°, Rodney Kohler, 32°, Ken Warner, 32° KCCH, Sam Pesola, 32°, Charles Walter, 32°, Leonard Smith, 32° KCCH and Ken Balsley, 33°.

Knights of Saint Andrew: Chuck Osborne, 32°. William Sundquist, 32° and Robert Phillips, 32°.

Bagpiper: Rob St. John, 32°.

Soloist: Brian Campbell, 32° KCCH.

Organist: Robert Davidson, 32° KCCH

Paraphernalia: Lynn Raposa, 32° KCCH.

Even our SGIG, Ill. Dale I. Goehrig, 33° took part in the ceremony by presenting the widow with a rose to close the Memorial Service.

            Photographs by Brother Nick Paull, 32° KCCH

The Scottish Rite Memorial for
Ill. David Eschrich, 33°
Tampa, Florida Scottish Rite Masonic Center
January 25, 2016

The Guard looking stately and tall
Marched solemnly into the hall
And a silence of respect fell over the place
They bore the flag and the banner
In a dignified and majestic manner
They were the epitome of style and grace

Then the mourners’ one by one
Entered to the beat of a drum
Splendid in tuxedo with gloves of white
And at a precisely measured pace
They reached their assigned place
It was a most solemn and inspiring sight

Then with a most impressive flair
They comforted the family there
With words that eased their grief and tears
Uplifting prayers of submission
Enabled them in their mission
To honor a friend and brother of many years

The bagpiper played a mournful song
And the soloist melodiously strong
Sang a stirring rendition of the Lord’s Prayer
And the audience was duly impressed
And their hearts were richly blessed
With the sympathy and caring that was there

Then the speakers in unison arose
Went to the altar and left a rose
As a symbol of love for a remembered friend
Their duties now were complete
And the memories rich and sweet
Caused grieving hearts to heal and to mend.

So, David Eschrich was remembered
And for those who were assembled
The night seemed to rapidly and fleetingly pass
And the ceremony ended that night
At the venerated Tampa Scottish Rite
With dignity, solemnity and a touch of class

Patrick C. Palmer

South Broward Scottish Rite Club

January 30, 2016

The South Broward Scottish Rite Club meets monthly at the Piccadilly Cafeteria in Hollywood. The club has been meeting at this location for several years now and decided to thank the restaurant for being a gracious host. On January 27, 2016 a beautiful eight foot gold fringed United States Flag topped with gold eagle was presented by the club to the restaurant manager in appreciation for all the cooperation that has been received. It is hoped that it will proudly serve as a patriotic symbol of our nation for all the civic groups that meet there. The flag is adorned by a plaque that reads:
Presented to Piccadilly Cafeteria by the South Broward Scottish Rite Club January 27, 2016.

Seen above (L-R) are Ill. John W. Borsa Jr, 33°, Hollywood Piccadilly General Manager Chris Klutcharch and Club President Hilliard Silver, 32°

Photo by Ill. Stanley T. Mykytka, 33°

John W. Borsa, Jr.
Hollywood, Florida

The Coronation

November 12, 2015

On Saturday, November 7, 2015, Twenty Two Masters of the Royal Secret were coroneted 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masons. The following poem  commemorates the occasion:

The Coronation

The Grand Commander assumed his station
And a hush suddenly fell over the class
They were filled with an anxious sensation
That something profound was about to pass

Their hearts and minds were open receivers
And they waited with bated breath
They were men of faith and devoted believers
Of an order they would defend till death

The mysteries revealed to them on that day
Were profound, esoteric and inspired
From the moment the Chaplain knelt to pray
Till the proceedings that day were retired

And the men went away that November day
With euphoric feelings of self worth
For they had learned their fears to allay
And to enhance their existence on earth

Now designated as Inspectors Honorary
They donned white hats with pride
With a determination to live in Harmony
And to take life’s setbacks in stride

All honor to the venerated Scottish Rite
Leading its devotees in the narrow way
Turning good men from darkness to light
May it continue forever and a day

Patrick C. Palmer
Coronation Ceremony Tampa, Florida,
November 7, 2015

The Fruits of Your Labor – Your Foundation at Work

October 2, 2012

Recently, my wife and I had the honor of attending an open house at the Speech Language Pathology Clinic at the All Children’s Hospital in Saint Petersburg. My wife started a conversation with a lady in attendance. The lady asked my wife what connection we had with the clinic and when my wife told her we were there representing the Scottish Rite the lady became very excited and told us an inspiring story about how the Scottish Rite assisted her family in time of need. I asked permission from her to use her story on our web site and in our brochure. She was gracious to grant that permission. Below is the email that she sent me a week later.


Patrick C. Palmer

Special Assistant to the SGIG

In the Orient of Florida


Dear Mr. Palmer,

I was so delighted to meet you, your wife, and the other two gentlemen in attendance at the Dedication & Open House of the new Child Development and Rehabilitation Center of All Children’s Johns Hopkins in St. Petersburg on Thursday, September 20, 2012. To be able to personally thank all four of you for the generosity that was displayed to our family nearly 20 years ago was very gratifying.

My husband, Steve and I are the very proud parents of three wonderful children. Our eldest, James, who is now 23 years old, was born autistic. He began receiving the services of Speech therapy at All Children’s Hospital at the age of three. After approximately one year of therapy, it was clear that much more work was necessary and our insurance carrier denied any further payments. That left us in the perplexing circumstance of desiring the very best for our son, yet not being in the position to supply the much needed help merely due to a financial hardship. As you can well imagine, this was heart-breaking to us.

We were informed by All Children’s that there might be financial assistance available to us through your organization, the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida. We were given the information, filled out the paperwork and quickly were notified that we qualified for a percentage of the costs. The gratefulness we have for this donation of “love” towards our son and his future cannot simply be expressed in this letter. It made all the difference in his life. Had he not received these services, it is entirely possible that James would not be the man he is today. Not only did he learn to speak clearly, but he learned to express his thoughts and ultimately became a voracious reader and speller. He is an avid historian, digesting book after book on his very favorite subjects, WWI and WWII during all his free time. He graduated from high school, even took several college classes and has worked for Publix Grocery stores for 3 years. He is a respected and hard working employee.

Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. We talk kindly whenever given the opportunity to share about this organization that so generously assisted our family at a time of need. To finally meet some members, people who work diligently to raise the funds to serve others like ourselves, was thrilling, to say the least. Thank you! We are eternally grateful. If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Mona and the Tomlin Family (Steve, James, Melissa and Patrick)

Cooking From the Heart

October 31, 2011
Cooking from the Heart at Grand Lodge

The SGIG and Rebba at Grand Lodge

Rebba Goehrig, the First Lady of the Scottish Rite in the Orient of Florida, has initiated an exciting project that promises to be a popular method of raising much needed funds for the Scottish Rite Foundation.

The ladies of the Orient of Florida have contributed their favorite recipes and a cook book has been published that is sure to be one of the most comprehensible books of this type ever published. The book is appropriately titled “Cooking From the Heart.” Four Hundred Seventy One recipes have been contributed covering the entire spectrum from appetizers, beverages and dips to Cookies, Candies and Miscellaneous. Also included are cooking and nutritional tips. The various types of food are indexed and alphabetized to facilitate easy access to a desired recipe.

The Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida will receive all profits from the sale of the books. The cost of the books is $20.00. This equates to a cost of 4.2 cents per recipe, a bargain that is difficult to beat!

Books are available at any Scottish Rite Valley in the Orient of Florida. Give the Secretary of your Valley a call to reserve your copy.

College of the Consistory

December 16, 2010

The College of the Consistory exists because you asked for it.

At Leadership Conferences held across the Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite members were asked what they wanted from the Rite.  The single most common answer was “more Masonic education.”

That’s only reasonable.  Whether a Brother takes the Degrees in a single day, or in a multi-day Reunion, these is much more than can be learned and remembered at once.  We need time to reflect and think, time to see relationships in information, time to let the intellectual dust settle a little.  We’re here to help.

The College of the Consistory is a free self-study program for Scottish Rite Masons of all Orients.  The curriculum is facilitated by the Guthrie College and made available to all enrolled members.  The College distributes to its members a syllabus of each degree of the Rite, which will provide ideas for essays and research papers.  Each member can choose a topic from the syllabus, or is free to select a subject not included in the syllabus, provided that it represents a theme or topic concerning that degree.

We look forward to participating in your personal journey toward enlightenment, and the assistance you will give in aiding the path of your brothers.  May we all benefit from the knowledge and insight found in the lessons and symbols of the Scottish Rite.

Information regarding the College of the Consistory is found on the Guthrie, Oklahoma web site at:
College Meetings

Any Valley can organize a campus of the College of the Consistory, provided it has 5-6 enrolled members to lead its group.  Meetings of the College of the Consistory are called Festive Boards.  Papers chosen the by Board of Adepts, or the leadership of any Valley campus, will be presented.  Fine dining, festive toasts, and fraternal songs will accent the evening’s blend of education and fraternalism.  All College members and invited guests are welcome.

Seeking Content

May 28, 2010

If you are a member of a Valley in the Orient of Florida and would like to assist by submitting news, upcoming event details or other content to this website, please e-mail or .